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Business events and meetings of all kinds are a mainstay of business at The Olympic Collection. Monday through Friday sees many associations and business-oriented breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Many of our regular clients are here once every week, once every month, or once every quarter and book their events a year in advance to secure the reservations. Conferences, retreats and workshops happen on every day of the week including Saturdays and Sundays.

Every month there are business networking events held at The Olympic Collection, many of which are open to the public with a reservation, such as the “First Wednesday Breakfast” hosted on the first Wednesday of every month by the Greater West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, the BNI events, Business Exchange 100, Southern California Real Estate Association, Westside Urban Forum, CalCPAs (many chapters), Financial Planning Association, L.A. Chapter, the Le Tip events and the Wilderness Fly Fishers (a conservation association).

Trade Show events can fit in one or multiple rooms. A specialty use of our venue is for corporate team building events with a food-centered activity, utilizing our kitchen and culinary expertise.

We welcome non-profit organizations and work to help them achieve their goals in keeping an active and involved membership. We recognize that the quality of our efforts has a lot to do with our clients’ goals being achieved and with the satisfaction that their memberships feel regarding their associations and the events attended.